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Other FAQs for Current PS Grad Students

Find answers to the Most Common Questions asked by Plant Sciences Graduate students, including

  • How can I get help finding “prior work” related to my research project?
  • How can I get teaching experience as a graduate student?
  • What opportunities exist for experiences in grant writing, technical writing, professional travel and presentations, and peer-reviewed publishing?
  • and more…


“Where do I apply (online) for Graduate Student Senate travel funding support?” (see applicable Deadlines)



“I presented and won a Prize for an Oral Presentation [or Poster] about my research at a Regional (or National or International) meeting. How can I benefit further?”

  • Our Award-Winning Plant Sciences Graduate Students are Eligible for Matching Incentive Funds of up to $300. Learn more here
  • If you have won a recent award, contact the Graduate Director (Bill Klingeman) and Plant Sciences Business Manager (Mercedes Appel).