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Plant Sciences Courses w Link to Instructor Profiles & Syllabi




(syllabi accessible through Full Profiles; scroll to bottom of instructor profile)

[UTK VolCore categories indicated in italics w bold, underline]


[note: UG coursework at 100-300 level cannot be counted among classes applied  toward completion of graduate degree-associated coursework. Graduate students should consult with their faculty mentors to determine if foundational learning from these offerings may be necessary or beneficial. ]

PLSC 115 Plants that Changed the World [3 CH, GCI; UG] Pulte Profile

PLSC 180 Landscape Design, Form, & Function [3 CH, AH; UG] Ross Profile

PLSC 210 Horticulture: Princ. & Practices [3 CH, AOC; UG]   Spangler Profile

PLSC 226 Public Horticulture [3 CH; UG] Pulte Profile

PLSC 230 Interior Plantscaping [3 CH; UG]           Spangler Profile

PLSC 233 History & Impact of Turfgrasses [3 CH; UG]       Horvath Profile

PLSC 240 Turfgrass Management [3 CH; UG]        Horvath Profile

PLSC 241 Turfgrass Management Lab [1 CH; UG] Sorochan Profile

PLSC 250 World Food & Fiber Plant Production [3 CH, NS; UG]   Spangler Profile

PLSC 275 Organic & Sustainable Crop Production [3 CH; UG] Butler Profile

PLSC 280 Fundamentals of Landscape Design [3 CH; UG] Ross Profile

PLSC 311 Management of Landscape Systems [3 CH]          Ross Profile

PLSC 320 Landscape Plant ID, Taxonomy, & Morphol. I [3 CH, UG]   Pulte Profile

PLSC 321 Landscape Plant ID, Taxonomy, & Morphol. II [3 CH, UG]  Pulte Profile

PLSC 330 Plant Propagation [3 CH, EI;  UG]   Pulte Profile

PLSC 331 – Calling BS: Interpretation & Reasoning Using Data in the Modern World [3 CH; UG]         Horvath Profile

PLSC 333 Plant Physiology & Nutrition [3 CH, EI; UG]            Walters Profile

PLSC 350 Sustainable Landscape Construction [3 CH; UG] Ross Profile

PLSC 380 Advanced Sustainable Landscape Design [3 CH; UG]       Ross Profile



[note: To be eligible for course credit toward MS or PhD degrees, graduate students must enroll in the *500-level option, where ( * ) indicated. Graduate students are expected to communicate with the instructor of record an determine what are the additional responsibilities/assignments that are required from a graduate student learner/course contributor.]

PLSC 410 Nursery Production & Mgt      [3 CH, WC; UG & G]     Klingeman Profile

PLSC 415/515* Agroecology [3 CH, EI; UG & G]         Dr. Butler Profile

PLSC 421 Native Plants in the Landscape [3 CH; UG & G]   Spangler Profile

PLSC 430 Greenhouse Production [3 C; UG & G]   Sams Profile

PLSC 434 Botanic Garden Practicum [1-3 CH; UG & G]      Spangler Profile

PLSC 435/535* Field &  Forage Crops [3 CH; UG & G]      Bates Profile

PLSC 436 Garden Center Photography [3 CH; UG & G]      instructor TBD Profile

PLSC 439 Botanic Garden Practicum [1-3 CH; UG & G]      Pulte Profile

PLSC 441/541* Advanced Turfgrass Mgt [3 CH; UG & G]   Sorochan Profile

PLSC 442/542* Turfgrass Root-zone Construc. [3 CH; UG & G]   Sorochan Profile

PLSC 443/543* Turfgrass Entomology [3 CH; UG & G]       Klingeman Profile

PLSC 494 Profess. Horticultural Communic’ns [3 CH; UG & G]         Pulte Profile

PLSC 438/538* Turfgrass Pathology [3 CH; UG & G]          Horvath Profile

PLSC 452/552* Plant Biotechnol. & Genetics [3 CH; UG & G]      Millwood Profile

PLSC 453/553* Intro. to Plant Breeding [3 CH; UG & G]       Pantalone Profile

PLSC 454/554* Plant Biotechniques [3 CH; UG & G]     Stewart/Baumann  Profile

PLSC 455/555* Adv. Sustainable Landscape Constr. [3 CH; UG & G]  Ross Profile

PLSC 456/556* Turfgrass Weed Science [3 CH; UG & G]    Brosnan Profile 

PLSC 461/561* Statistics for Biological Research [3 CH; UG & G]   West Profile

PLSC 466 Turfgrass Strategies [3 CH; UG & G]      Horvath Profile

PLSC 471/571* Des. & Anal. Biol. Res. [3 CH; UG & G]  Instr. (Same as ANSC 571)

PLSC 473/573* Weed Management [3 CH; UG & G]           Mueller Profile

PLSC 491/591* Hist. & Cult. Internt’l Gard. & Ldscps [3 CH; UG & G] Ross Profile


GRADUATE COURSES (See also 4xx/5xx* listings)

PLSC 511 Seed Biology & Physiology [1 CH; G]     Chen Profile

PLSC 525 Research Ethics for the Life Sciences [3 CH; G]   Stewart Profile

PLSC 530 Integrated Pest Management     Grant (Same as EPP 530)

PLSC 537 Plant Nutrition [3 CH; G]          Sams Profile

PLSC 592 Extension or Industry Internship [1-3 CH; G]      Var. Instr.

PLSC 605 Advanced Topics in Plant Sciences [1-3 CH; G]    Var. Topics/Var. Instr.

PLSC 632 Environmental Plant Ecophysiology [3 CH; G]     Chen Profile

PLSC 632 Advanced Weed Science Principles [3 CH; G]       Mueller Profile

PLSC 653 Advanced Plant Breeding [3 CH; G]       Pantalone Profile


Horticultural Therapy (Certificate Program)

PLSC 411 Intro. to Horticultural Therapy [3 CH; Instr. Consent]     Stowell Profile

PLSC 412 Hort. Ther. Progr. & Tech. [3 CH; Instr. Consent]  Stowell Profile

PLSC 413 Hort. Ther. Program Mgt. [3 CH; Consent of Instr.  Stowell Profile